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This training is designed to give you the relevant skills and knowledge to plan an effective dashboard layout, analyze data using Pivot Tables, appreciate dashboard charting techniques, visually present data using conditional formatting, create an interactive dashboard and distribute a secure dashboard.


Jun 13, 2019, 06:30


Jun 14, 2019, 15:30


Makati, Philippines

group of people using a laptop in a meeting


Participants are expected to meet the following requirements for the course:

  • Knowledgeable in basic Excel
  • Managing workbook and worksheets
  • Creating Formulas and Using Functions
  • Copying and moving data
  • Formatting data and cells
  • Working with columns and rows
  • Familiar with respective data analyzed

Training Objectives

  • Plan an effective dashboard layout
  • Analyze data using Pivot Tables
  • Appreciate dashboard charting techniques
  • Visually present data using conditional formatting
  • Create an interactive dashboard
  • Distribute a secure dashboard

Course Outline

Module 1: Starting an Excel Dashboard

  • Considerations when starting an Excel Dashboard
  • Dashboard Design Best Practices
  • Dashboard Layout
  • Ideal Data and Workbook structure

Module 2: Data Structuring using Excel Tables

  • Creating Excel Tables
  • Using Common Excel Formulas used in Dashboards

Module 3: Connecting external data source

  • Using Microsoft Query

Module 4: Analyzing Data using Pivot Tables

  • Building Pivot Tables
  • Summarizing data in Pivot Tables
  • Using Calculated Field and Calculated Items
  • Customizing the Pivot Table Design

Module 5: Visually presenting the data

  • Conditional formatting to highlight data

Module 6: Dashboard Visualization using Charts

  • Creating Charts
  • Creating user-defined chart types
  • Combining different chart types in one chart
  • Customizing the chart design

Module 7: Interactive Dashboard Control

  • Using Slicers for Tables, PivotTables and Pivot Charts

Module 8: Consolidating and Distributing the Dashboard

  • Moving and Scaling
  • Hiding Worksheets
  • Security and Protection