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A 1-day workshop-based foundation course on how an organization can start to develop, establish, and improve a Sustainability Reporting system.


Sep 25, 2019, 06:30


Sep 25, 2019, 15:30


Makati, Philippines

orig business colleagues in a boardroom sustainability report


Benjamin M. Los Baños

Benjie is the Learning Services (Essential People Skills) Manager for SGS Academy of SGS Philippines, Inc.

Prior to his new responsibility, Benjie was in charge of corporate marketing and communications for SGS in the Philippines since 2005 and has a career in communications that spans more than 3 decades in marketing communications, marketing services support, advertising and public relations, education services, and process re-engineering.  His experience and competence includes Vision/Mission formulation, organizational development, and strategic brand management.

Concurrent with his new business role, Benjie conducts corporate relations and is a member of the Core Team of the Business Continuity Management for SGS in the Philippines.


A 1-day workshop-based foundation course on how an organization can start to develop, establish, and improve a Sustainability Reporting system.  The course will contain lectures and presentations designed to lead into a workshop focused on a process-oriented approach.

1. Introduction: What is Sustainability?
   a. The history of sustainability in business
   b. The ecological impact of business
   c. What it means to your business, to the community, to the world

2. Your Corporate Philosophy:  Where does Sustainability Fit in?
   a.Your company’s Vision/Mission dissected
   b.The needs of your customers, of consumers, against the needs of your organization
   c.The needs of the global community

3. Identifying Sustainability Goals
   a.Sustainable Development Goals (understanding its impact in the global community)
   b.The foundation of your sustainability philosophy
   c.Creating your process and managing your measures
   d.Your corporate governance and operational integrity

4. Workshop for a process-oriented Sustainability structure
   a.Identifying your strategy and objectives
   b.Developing your operational system


At the end of the training, the learners will:

1. Understand, absorb, and appreciate the main essence of sustainability and how it defines and molds today’s business.

2. Appreciate how a focus on sustainability will ensure a more productive approach to maintaining a business.

3. Learn how to build a framework on which a Sustainability Reporting method can be best utilized across their organization.

4. Gain insights on the importance of maintaining a Sustainability program through reporting and how it can improve in the achievement of business goals and objectives.