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This course is to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to understand, determine, implement and practice the overall process of the 5S' programs.


Mar 26, 2020, 07:30


Mar 27, 2020, 16:30


Makati, Philippines

Roger Villanueva


Mr. Roger S. Villanueva
Business Director for Certification and Business Enhancement

As an active Quality Advocate, Roger is a devoted practitioner of various ISO standards, TQM, TIM, Lean Management, Total Quality Tools, Six Sigma and Kaizen, with various recognitions from International Accreditors under International Register for Certificated Auditors.

Roger is a member of the American Society for Quality and ASQ Quality Audit Division. His experience spans advanced management methodologies, with an in-depth knowledge in statistics across the business spectrum. He has a background in Electrical Engineering and with more than 20 years of experience in the Automotive, Electronics, Electrical & Service Industries.


This is a 2-day foundation and internal audit course that comprises of a 5S' overview, best practices, 5S' step-by-step system guide, audit checklist preparation, application and workshops.


Upon completion of this course, learners are expected to:

  • Understand the principles, purpose, and overall process of the 5S programs.
  • Determine the criteria or factors to be exercised and used in implementation and internal audit of 5S.
  • Create an implementation and internal audit across a planned 5S timeline.
  • Practice and check audit output in formal and structure manner for further action to improve 5S scores.


Participants should come from the departments which will be included in the quality system. These are Production, Quality Control, Purchasing Materials, Engineering, Sales Marketing and Training, or their equivalent.

Learners will need to demonstrate acceptable performance in all these areas in order to complete the course successfully.


  • Introduction and background about 5S
  • The 5S Method
  • Visual Management
  • 5S Sustainability
  • 5S Launch Guide