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The condition and reliability of the piping is one of the major concerns of refinery owners and operators. Located deep underground or in places that are otherwise very difficult to reach, pipelines are very critical assets. Since even a minor failure could cause unacceptable downtime and substantial loss of money, conducting regular condition monitoring of the piping is indispensable for detecting failures and discontinuities at the earliest stage possible.

In order to assess the condition of the piping while the plant is running, Philipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation looked for a reliable inspection, verification and testing company.

On June 3, 2011, SGS Industrial division in the Philippines and Malaysia was awarded a contract, scheduled for June 22-28, 2011, to provide comprehensive Guided Wave Inspection, also known as Long-Range Ultrasonic Testing, of the piping in Shell’s refinery.

With Guided Wave Inspection, a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) method, SGS’s team of highly skilled experts inspected the piping for defects and discontinuities; to ensure their reliability and integrity to prevent leaks and possible shutdowns.

Drawing on their first-rate experience and expertise in projects of this kind, SGS carried out Guided Wave Inspection of closed cooling water system, deep well piping and flare lines. In order to inspect the structures for loss of metal, such as from corrosion or erosion, SGS sent low frequency guided ultrasonic waves traveling along the pipe, thereby providing 100% coverage of the pipe length. Affected areas were precisely located in terms of distance from the transducer ring.

With SGS’s assistance, the condition of the piping was evaluated, wall thinning and defects were assessed and recommendations for corrective actions were given.

About SGS Guided Wave Inspection

Guided Wave technology, also known as Long-Range Ultrasonic Testing, is a relatively new inspection technology with significant advantages over any other spot measurement. The Guided Wave technology screens 100% of the volume of the piping that is being inspected for metal loss features, such as corrosion and erosion. The piping can remain in operation, be covered by insulation and even buried. What is more, this Non-Destructive Testing technique can be used without extensive scaffolding and it minimizes the requirement for removing insulation along the piping.

SGS Industrial Services has the knowledge, expertise and experience to perform conventional and advanced NDT inspections anywhere around the world by drawing upon its resources in a unique international network. Our service offer embraces a wide range of methods from Guided Wave and the conventional NDT techniques to Risk Based Inspection, Time of Flight Diffraction, Corroscan, Positive Material Identification, Magnetic Flux Leakage, Leak Testing, Thermography, Electromagnetic Testing, Digital Radiography and Endoscopy inspections

About SGS Industrial Services

Industrial Services is one of the major business lines of the SGS Group, a global service provider for technical verification, inspection, testing and conformity assessment. SGS Industrial Services ensures that the customer’s installations, material, equipment, facilities and projects meet all quality and performance requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary or customer based. Industrial Services has decades’ worth of experience and some remarkable references in serving key industries, such as Construction, Industrial Manufacturing and Trade, the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry, Power Generation and Transmission, Banks and Financial Institutions, as well as Renewable Energy.

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SGS Industrial Services
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SGS Industrial Services

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 64,000 employees, SGS operates a network of over 1,250 offices and laboratories around the world.