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SGS Philippines debuts installation of solar panels as contribution to its sustainability initiatives.

 Solar Panels at SGS Philippines

After receiving ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certification in January 2019, SGS Philippines continues to enhance its environmental and energy performance through greener facilities.  In partnership with Buskowitz Group, an engineering, procurement, and construction company for solar power systems, SGS Philippines Makati head office has installed a solar power system. This partnership allowed use of solar panels under a build, operate, lease and transfer (BOLT) arrangement, thus avoiding the necessary capital investment for solar panels.

Beginning mid-May 2019, the solar panel system has been fully operational. The system is comprised of 500 solar panels with capacity of 184 kilowatt-peak (KWP) and generates an average of 15,000 kilowatt-hour (KWH) solar energy per month.

The panels currently supply as least 10% of the electric power demand of the Makati Head office, which is equivalent to 35,832 pounds of coal or 3,687 gallons of gasoline saved, to-date. Being in the early stages of implementation of the solar panels, close collaboration with Buskowitz Group may further allow improvement in the solar panel energy efficiency. Potentially, it may supply anywhere from 15% to 17% of the electric power demand of the Makati head office.

The solar panel project is complemented by SGS Philippines’ management and staff ongoing efforts and programs such as routine electrical preventive maintenance, procurement of new laboratory equipment and office machines based on energy performance, as well as energy-saving practices integrated in the day-to-day operations in offices and laboratories.  Since the launch of the SGS Philippines’ energy management system in June 2018, the Makati head office has achieved its energy objective and reduced its annual energy consumption in KWH by 5.47%.

These essential elements are key in achieving SGS Philippines’ energy as well as environment management objectives and enabling its strong commitments, as embodied in its respective energy and environment management policies, to improve energy efficiency, use sustainable energy sources, decrease carbon footprint and overall, minimize its environmental impacts.


Contributed by:

Ms. Marlen Acosta

Director for Business Operations and Support Services