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Animal feed testing has been around since the beginning of the industrial scale production as part of the advancement in animal nutrition. With various studies, an efficient animal nutrition program is determined through a well-balanced diet.

Some specific anti-nutrient factors (such as mycotoxins, dioxins, mold growth, heavy metals and the presence of insects/pests) have played a key role on the efficiency of nutrient conversion in livestock. This also led the way in the creation of innovative ways to test, verify, inspect and certify different animal feed production processes. We at SGS, can offer these services for the advancement and success of every farmer.

In line with this ever changing requirements, the SGS Animal Health and Nutrition sector would like to share with you our Feed Security Program. In which, we test important factors that could affect the health and nutrition of our animals. Animal Feeds play an important role in Bio-security as constantly shown in different studies and references. It was shared by BAI, that some highly important/reportable viral diseases were spread through feed sacks (recycled) which in turn, contaminate the feeds. Studies have shown that these viruses can also persist in solid matters like feeds and in liquid (water) as means of their spread. Also, it was shown in another experiment that some viruses can survive even during transport of animal feed raw materials through shipping lines--holding time of feed ingredients affects viral survivability but different factors still contribute to it. Mold growth can also be a big contributing factor--producing mycotoxins in humid and erratic temperatures both in transport and in storage.


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Alejandro “Allan” L. Mailom
Business Manager - AgriTrade and Animal Health and Nutrition
SGS Agriculture, Food, and Life
m: +63 (917) 816 5742



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