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Psychologists have asserted that companies across the globe might be facing another crisis following the COVID 19 pandemic – their employees’ mental health. Employees inevitably start to feel fatigue for having been confined in their homes most of the time for more than 4 months now.

SGS World Happines in the Happy Nest

Realizing this early on, SGS Philippines has been proactive in its approach to help employees  take care of their well-being via a series of online sessions on holistic wellness. One of the most recent sessions was the “Happiness in the Happy Nest” that underscored the everyday use of positive psychology in facing pandemic issues. Positive emotions are said to be linked to better health, longer life, and greater well-being – exactly what everyone needs now more than ever.

 “Positive psychology is within us, within our choices, our character and our perspective. How we align the odds, how we continue to choose to do what we can to improve our situation will direct us to find the goodness that is in our everyday lives, we just have to choose it.” according to Ms. Rachel Batanes, an Occupational Health Consultant and Life Coach as she pointed out the ways to beat quarantine fatigue. She also encouraged the attendees to believe in their power to control their reaction to different stressors they currently deal with.

She shared different stories of hope including that of her own and discussed the formula for Happiness (i.e. Happiness = Accept + Appreciate + Allow + Aim + Act). She further remarked that if only individuals would have the right mindset and perspective, they could view this crisis as a form of deconstruction that provides a vast opportunity for reconstruction.

We are living in unprecedented times, to say the least. Working from home may be taxing for some and could take its toll on one’s mental health. But finding goodness wherever one is nested proves to be an effective vaccine for this quarantine fatigue.

Putting employee wellness at the forefront of SGS’ efforts to weather this crisis, the HR team will continue to run online sessions encouraging employees to #stayhealthy and will soon launch new engagement programs for them to #stayconnected with their colleagues at work.