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Organizations today are met with a variety of operational and business challenges.

External forces, such as competitors and regulatory bodies, create a second level of pressures that must be anticipated. Additionally, both B2B and B2C firms are receiving a large influx of customer data across multiple touchpoints. The factor that divides those who are successful from those who are not is how they analyze and use this data for business enhancement.

The Certification and Business Enhancement Approach

At SGS, we have developed a variety of solutions not only to meet these challenges, but also to establish more efficient and profitable ways of working. Using our 140 years of experience and our operational dataset, we partner with clients to help them gain intelligent insights into their current business functions while simultaneously strategizing for the future.

To meet the needs of our current customers and provide effective and modern solutions to current and future business issues, we offer three pillars of insight-driven, customizable products and solutions:

  1. Certification – our wide ranging portfolio of standards
    • ISO standards
    • Regulatory standards
    • Industry-specific standards
  2. Intelligence – a complete set of digital tools and solutions used to improve business efficiency and functionality
    • BE engine
    • Intelligent assessments
    • iPlus
    • Customized assessment tracking system
  3. Activation – Our total business enhancement solutions, created specifically to enhance businesses and industries
    • SGS Academy
    • Technical consulting
    • Performance assessments
    • Supplier verification


  • Innovative solutions and services that enhance businesses
  • Customized solutions, driven by proprietary insights
  • Services fundamental to ongoing success and sustained growth
  • Continuous improvement enabled
  • Value chains transformed

The Business Enhancement Platform

For decades, SGS has been known as the global leader in certification, working with clients in virtually any sector. Our deep and broad experience in quality control management, regulatory compliance and training has resulted in a staggering array of data points across industries. By utilizing this dataset, we have evolved our service offerings to include Business Enhancement – the process of transformation that improves or increases the value of an organization’s people, processes, product or service. Our Business Enhancement solutions offer the most up to date, practical insights to help you achieve your goals and ultimately BE the Benchmark.

For more information about our specific services, please see: